About Us

Idontwantdowry.com is a matrimonial portal launched by NKG ONLINE  Hyderabad. The portal is exclusively meant for those ideal people who say "I Don't want Dowry". It serves as a platform where brides can find their grooms who are against the prevailing dowry culture.

The objective of Idontwantdowry.com is eventually to eradicate the Dowry system which is a thousand year old setback in the society. The website is restricted to those brides and grooms who oppose the dowry system. The like minded aspirants can contact the listed people through our website and find their suitable match.

We proudly inform you that this is the first of its kind of service ever in the history and it has been dedicated to the people who oppose dowry. The service apart from meeting the stated objective, is sure to help lot of Indian women who can't afford to pay dowry. We would like to showcase the grooms listed here as the heroes of this generation which will surely motivate and inspire lot of other people take similar path.

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